Jonathan Underwood. Poet. Painter. Potter. Thinker. Based in he United States showcasing his work to the global community.

The World

“Potential” would that be the correct word

Or an ending of potential in decisions made

Confusing paths ahead and confusing paths behind

The World does not look like any world I've seen

The cycles of life turn with us or without us

The rhythms of creation burn within you and out of you

To bare a new beginning we must endure the change

For the best to breath, hell must have it's day

There might come a time when cycles cycle away

And The World no longer holds it's meaning

Time...Time might stop it's mad progression

And all our old doubts is all that remains

But for now there is hope

The World is still turning

A turning to a Fool

To challenge it anew.

Not A Waste